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Worried cord is around baby's neck...

I had a routine 36 week scan the other day and the sonographer switched to 4d at the end and gave us a picture. But you can see the cord up right against baby's face in the bottom of the picture and now I'm panicking that when he/she is born the cord will be wrapped around. The sonographer said it wasn't a problem and I'll ask my midwife when I see her on Thursday, but what do you ladies think?

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By 36 weeks, baby is getting very squishy in there and there isn't much room left. Everything is kind of squished up against each other by that gestation. If the sonographer said that they weren't worried, I would trust them such a lovely little face! Obviously ask your midwife for reassurance if it will make you feel better

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Unless anything of concern was mentioned try not to worry. You are so close to the end the last thing you need is constant worry now. But voice your concerns with your midwife. You may just need that reassurance that baby is fine.

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To be honest, I would request an ultrasound, NST and monitoring. You are Mommy. You know what is right and what isn't. You should never have to worry or be worried about your baby. I lost my son at 33 weeks and there was at first increased movement, then much less but I wasn't sure as I was a first time Mom this was last year. Now I'm 30 and 1/2 weeks and I'll be hospitalized on the 21st until delivery via c-section at 33-35 weeks due to vasa previa.

Please don't second guess yourself. Call your OB and tell him or her your concern and demand it be looked into. If you don't, you wouldn't forgive yourself if anything happened. I wish you the best in your pregnancy!

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I'm sure if the ultrasound tech was worried they would have said so. The fluid makes it move around so it is highly possible that it will move away from baby's face before you go into labor since you still have a bit of time. I wouldn't stress too much

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My first baby was so tangled up in the cord that it kept pulling him back into me with every contraction when I was trying to push him out. It was around his neck several times along with being around his trunk and around one of his legs. You know what? It was okay. It was just fine. My midwife knew just what to do. And I trusted her with my baby's life. If I didn't, I wouldn't have used her as my midwife. She knew when she needed to get that baby out, and she coached me on when to push, how hard, when to stop, and she untangled him as he came out. It looks wild in the birth video, but it was a very calm time, and my baby was just perfect. He's 5 now and brilliant!

My fifth baby was just unexpectedly born at home. The cord was around her neck. My partner delivered her, and my partner unwrapped the cord from her neck as she came out and didn't even tell me until the next day so I wouldn't freak out. She was perfect, too. It's actually so common for a baby to be born with the cord around their neck, and it is normally just fine. Our practitioners know how to handle it. They'll get your baby out safely.

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I think it's very common for the cord to end up wrapped around the baby in some way, by the end, and it's rarely a problem. That said, there is no harm going to your midwife for reassurance or asking to get a second opinion.

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try not to fret! A nuchal cord/cord wrapped 360 around the baby's neck is extremely common, as much as 1 in 4 pregnancies. They can unloop baby's neck during delivery or even deliver baby through the cord. My daughter's cord was wrapped completely around her neck and I delivered with a midwife, my husband and one nurse in the room, that's it!

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