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Migraine before labor???

I'm not stranger to knock you on your ass wishing for death migraines. I got them at least once a month before I was pregnant. They got better into my first trimester and went away for the second and third. Until last night. I'm due on Friday and I had an absolutely horrible migraine last night. Spotty vision, dizzy. One of the worst ones I've ever had. It came around 10pm I laid in bed with frozen peas on my head until 4ish when it finally went away. At least eased up so I could sleep. Then hubs alarm went off..... ugh. Well anyway sorry for the rant lol
Has anyone had the worse migraine before labor?? My stomach is super tight and crampy. And I'm leaking stuff. Idk what it is it's clear or white and no odor. Not a lot just a few drops here and there. Also there is ALOT of pressure from the baby pushing down. Like it feels like he's just gonna push out and land on the floor. Someone please tell me I'm in earlier ly labor!!

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