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37w3d.. pumping to induce?

Hello mamas!
This past doctors appt, my doctor checked my cervix and it was not opened yet. I asked her what I could do to get things going, and she said sex and to use a breast pump for nipple stimulation. However when I look online, people of course have posted things saying it can KILL YOUR CHILD?! Has anyone tried this method? Seems to have a lot of positive feedback online, minus the people who say don't do it in a high risk pregnancy, but my doctor surely wouldn't have recommended it if it were dangerous, right?


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I did with my second. I used the breast pump, double pump for 10 minutes at 9pm. I wasn't dialated at all nor effaced. At 130am my water broke! I was 38 weeks and it was perfect! I'd definitely recommend it

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I pumped with my first, I'd pump for 10 or 15 minutes a day. I think it caused some contractions. I might start doing it this weekend if my baby doesn't decide to come on her own.

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It can't kill your child. lol There are loads of people still breastfeeding older babies in late pregnancy and obviously does them no harm (also doesn't necessarily induce labour either). But honestly, at only 37 weeks, I wouldn't be trying to have an early baby just for the sake of it. My 1st was born at 37+5 and because she was on the early side of term we had all sorts of issues with weight gain as she had no sucking reflex. They also tend to be a bit more prone to jaundice and low blood sugar, especially when they can't eat well. My labour was completely spontaneous and natural and obviously just when she was meant to come, but I would never try to have a baby that early as a few more days or weeks cooking can only help, assuming you're otherwise healthy.

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It won't kill your child. I've been hand expressing for the past week or so. I haven't gone into labour yet. My doctor doesn't check my cervix so I don't know if it's doing anything. I have read not to use a pump though. Mainly because your colostrum is too thick but also I found this

"Do not use a breast pump until milk increases. Breast pumps are not especially effective at removing colostrum and the vacuum can increase edema in the areola, slowing or stalling milk transfer".

There are heaps of YouTube videos about hand expressing. My midwife said it's a great skill to learn antenatally when you're not also dealing with the stress of feeding your hungry newborn

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