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28 weeks and severe pressure/pain during BM

So last night was an awful night. About every 45 minutes I was up with contraction type pains aka braxton hicks...

Today so far besides being exhausted I've felt okay until now. I went to the bathroom and had loose stools accompanied with awful pressure and cramping. Horrible...for a good 5 minutes. Since, I've been faint, had lower back pain and more pressure. Trying to get a hold of my dr and not having much luck. It seams to be calming down now...and my next appointment is tomorrow, but I'm still freaked out and just don't feel right.

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Oh that sounds scary hopefully you can get a hold of your doctor ASAP! I know it sounds obvious but try to keep your water intake up in the meantime.
Good luck x

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I hope you already have went but if you haven't go directly to Labor and Delivery where you can find out for sure that your baby is okay. It doesn't sound too good. I fell down a step or two at 33 weeks with my son in Aug. 2016... at first I had extreme lower back pain and a migraine. I felt him moving ALOT at the time. As an hour or two passed, I was unsure of his movement but I still had lower back pain and a migraine. My OB told me to "monitor from home" and my son passed away. He was stillborn because I didn't rush to the ER just to be sure. I pray to God your baby is doing good and please update us!

Thank you!

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