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When will baby drop?!

I'm 33 weeks now, although baby is measuring ahead, and am having a difficult time breathing. The baby is always kicking up in my ribs and I'm also carrying excess fluid which is laying right below my diaphragm so I'm very breathless all the time. I also have to sleep with my head propped up or I wake up coughing from not being able to get enough air. When will baby start to drop and provide me some relief?

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It's impossible to say, unfortunately. Some babies drop early, and others wait until the last minute. With my first, it was around 34-35 weeks, I think. This one is still pretty high at almost 33 weeks. Second, third, etc. babies take a little longer, I think, because of our pre-stretched uteruses, so they have a bit more room to move around.

You never know! Could be tomorrow! Hang in there!

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Oh I do feel for you, that is an awful feeling that breathlessness. As PP said I think they are all different but it seems that subsequent babies often don't drop til labour. This is #2 for me and he hasn't yet dropped.

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Well if it's my baby- maybe in time for kindergarten

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