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Recurring Nightmare

I keep having the same dream and every time I do, I can't go back to sleep. In the dream, I'm at home alone with my almost two-year-old when I go into labour and it progresses really quickly. The baby is coming and I call the paramedics, but they can't get in because the door is locked, so they just leave. I deliver my baby alone with my toddler watching (probably traumatized).

It really freaks me out.

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Ah that sounds scary. I hate how real and scary nightmares are while you're pregnant. All you can do is try to stop, calm yourself down, breathe a few deep breaths and tell yourself that it isn't going to happen that way. Even see if you can tell yourself an alternate ending-- that you can text a family member or neighbour with a spare key to come over ASAP and unlock the door, or something to that description?

I hope your dreams calm down

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I have that dream too but it's not a nightmare as such. I'm not worried about the kids as hubby will drop them off with their grandmother but I'm worried labour will gear up really fast in the 15 minutes it takes him to drop them off and get back I worry I will end up needing to push before making it to hospital - or before the paramedics can get here. Birth doesn't scare me and I can do it on my own but the fact of the matter is that's not something I'm comfortable with due to risk factors that could come into play with any birth. :/ I only JUST made it to the hospital with DS2 and was almost at the point of needing to push before I got to my room which is probably where the worry starts at. I guess we won't know what is going to happen until the big day.

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