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Dilation progression

Hi ladies! I'm 36+4 today and had my first cervical check. Currently I'm sitting at 2cm dilated, 75% effaced, and at a -2 station. I know I still have a long2to go but since this is my first I don't know anything about how quickly it may (or may not) happen. If you've been through the process before how quickly did you progress? I know it varies by each person and really each pregnancy but it's fun to actually in the windowof talking about it now.

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They don't do cervical checks in NZ like they do in the USA - for the precise reason that it doesn't tell you anything about when you'll go into labour or how long labor ur will take. It's essentially a meaningless measurement.

I was never checked until I was already overdue both times - and I was only checked as they wanted to do a stretch and sweep to see if we could get something started. Both times I was absolutely 0% dilated until I was in labour.

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I was only checked when I was over due (40+4 and 41 weeks) for sweeps too. I was 2-3 cm and 80% effaced at 40+4 and 3-4cm at 41 weeks. I had to be induced at 41+6 so my dilation was no indication of labour at all!

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We don't have cervical checks where I am but with my first I had a sweep at 41 weeks. I think I was 1-2cm and they managed a good sweep. This was at 10am. I went to bed at 11pm with not a twinge and dd was born at 5.37am the next morning! I think you sound well progressed for your first but everything I've read also makes it sound like it doesn't really indicate anything either way. Still it's fun to hear different experiences isn't it!

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It hopefully means you won't be overdue, but as far as when it doesn't tell much. As all the ladies outside the USA said, it's not all that helpful to know- I always ask them NOT to check me. If I'm progressed I get antsy, and if I'm not I get frustrated!

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