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Team yellow here too! Only about 9 weeks left or so!! Very exciting!! We have 2 girls and everyone, except a few, thinks this is a boy and I think it's the same reason that that's just what they want us to have!! I keep going back and forth, but the closer I get the more I think girl but again I think it's because that's all I know

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36+5 today and team yellow (though I strongly suspect boy).

Already crawling the walls and anxious about having this baby. I keep feeling like I have all the time in the world to get stuff done and then I look at the calendar only to realize I've got less than a month. And since I've gone 2-3 weeks early with all of my babies so far, everyone (including the dr!) is expecting me to go that early this time too. Which means I'm not only feeling pressure from everyone to get labor started but I'm extra anxious to get everything done since I could be having this baby literally any day. Yikes!

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