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Misconception about caffeine during pregnancy

It's been my understanding with both my pregnancies that 200mg of caffeine per day was fine during pregnancy. But every time I drink coffee I Always get comments. Oh you aren't supposed to drink coffee or I thought you weren't allowed coffee?.... It's getting really old. Baby is doing just fine .

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I didn't know that rule but sounds like you've done your research, I think it's just a matter of opinion to be honest. Personally, I don't drink coffee or tea when pregnant but then I also wouldn't drink fizzy juice when pregnant and I'm sure loads of people do that too.

Unless you've got whisky in your coffee then it's none of their business what your drinking. Ignore them.

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I'm the same .. 200mg is actually quite a bit so I feel fine having 1 most days ... people are annoying! I've switched to decaf tea but my household drinks decaf anyway!

It's only an issue if you have loads a day because it can cause babies to be born smaller from what I've read but as long as we stick to the guidelines I think we will be fine

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People aren't busy bodies and need to be told to butt out.

1-2 cups of coffee a day is absolutely fine and won't make any difference to your pregnancy. If you were having 4-5 a day, then sure, I can see why someone would mention it, but even then it's really none of their business.

I've had 1-2 coffees every day of all of my pregnancies and my babies have been absolutely fine and not born small either!

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I still drink caffeine. I have one Diet Coke a day (I know not the best for you, but it could be worse). My midwife said I could have up to five cokes a day and be fine.

I have had people offer me a coffee or tea while pregnant and then say, "Oh no, you can't have that, can you?" 😂

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I still drink two cups of tea a day. It's Fine!

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Totally fine!!! I haven't had caffeine while pregnant but that's personal choice as I'm sensitive to caffeine. Gives me the jitters and heart palpitations, even just a little bit! But a little caffeine is totally acceptable!!

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People always wanna butt in and judge parenting, even before you've even given birth. Crazy!!!!! Enjoy your darned coffee, and tell them to shush. lol

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Ugh I hate when people say that!! Definitely a total misconception, a couple of cups a day is more than fine. Coffee cheers to you lol!

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Definitely still having my one morning coffee daily and sometimes an afternoon tea. I need it while still working full time, especially after getting up to pee 4 times a night

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