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Favorite red raspberry leaf tea?

As the title suggests, what's your favorite? I've tried the organic Traditional Medicinals. It was awful, lol.

I'm looking for loose leaf vs bags.

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I agree. The Traditional Medicinals tea on it's own is awful but from what I've found, ALL raspberry leaf tea tastes pretty bad. I found a way to make it palatable though. I brew it two quarts at a time with a few bags of the Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy tea blend and 2-4 bags of Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea. I also sweeten it to taste with honey or sugar and drink it as iced tea instead of hot tea. If I'm really wanting a treat, I'll add a bit of lemon juice and then it tastes like half lemonade/half rasp iced tea....sort of...

It's still not the absolute best but it's better than drinking it on it's own.

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I got my other half to bring me a box of the raspberry leaf teabags in from holland and Barrett loving life thinking yes I'll give it go but oh my god I cannot stand it the smell or the taste. i have had about 3 cups of it from the day he brought it home a few weeks back I have to make it and let it go cold then it tastes like diluted juice I cannot stand black current which is what it tastes like lol I have to hold my nose and down it all in one then I make myself feel sick lol has anyone tried he tablets which are best x

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I always use Traditional Medicinals, and I SWEAR by it. It is gross, though. There's no helping that. ha

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