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Originally Posted by sassy_tiger View Post
Thank you ladies for sharing all of your labour/birth stories. Lets me know that I should be okay if I decide to get an epidural. I feel like my last two births were without medication. If I could give birth pain free... Why not? But at the same time I worry about making that decision and regretting it. Anyway thank you all.
Also, I don't even remember how it felt when they did the epidural because they did it during a contraction! So I never even felt the needle. It was crazy! The relief though...

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I just had my daughter on September 1st, and even though it was my third delivery with an epidural I did NOT feel it was time to push... which turned out totally fine! With my son I pushed too soon and ended up delivering him with forceps- OUCH. My second I felt the need and she was out within 15-20 minutes.

With this one the nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat and we all freaked out... turns out it was because the baby's head was almost completely out, so her chest was way lower than the nurse assumed! I ended up looking under my sheet to investigate things, saw her crowning, shouted, and the nurse delivered her without the midwife present. It was a crazy 5 minutes!

Honestly it was kind of awesome, I did not push once. My body did all the work on it's own. I'd be more worried about pushing too soon than too late!

I wouldn't change that I got the epidural, and that's after suffering a wet tap and a four day spinal headache that required two more spinal pokes to fix. I'll always hold onto the memory of the relaxed and beautiful births of my daughters rather than the blurry week of pain afterward!

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I'd try not to worry. Some woman can feel to push, some can't. If you can't don't worry. Your midwife will tell you when it's time.

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