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Really hope the baby turns for you x

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Originally Posted by Dana_Scully View Post
I went to see my doctor today. I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant but I'm already measuring 39 weeks! 😲 I have an appointment for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. She said either the baby is very big (if bigger than 5kg he needs to come out asap by c-section) or there's too much amniotic fluid in there and I have to go see a high risk doctor. 😞 I'm freaking out even though she said not to worry. My baby's EDD is October 25th.

Baby's hospital bag is mostly ready but not mine. I'm still missing things. It's my son's birthday on friday and his party is on saturday. Baby, please be healthy and stay in there at least another week! 😢

I've been having really bad period pains and lower back pain since yesterday.

Help! 😭

Update: Result of the ultrasound:

- I have too much fluid.
- Baby's head is huge, the rest of him is average.
- Baby's presenting himself by the butt.
- Baby's got the cord wrapped around his neck.

So basically I was told that he had until next week to turn on his own. If he doesn't, they will have to turn him if it doesn't mess up with the cord worse. I might need a c-section if the oxygen doesn't circulate well enough in the cord.

Because I have too much fluid, I might go into premature labor.

Baby was not cooperating, he kept hiding his face and he was in a really weird position with his neck bent backward.

I'm hoping my doctor calls me soon. They said not to worry, but of course I'm worried. I just want to hide in my bed forever. 😭😭😭
Hey , try not to worry its not much difference . I measured 49 at 37 weeks I am very small and was very slim in that pregnancy. I was due to VBAC but was so uncomfortable we decided on a section at 38 weeks. I was so pleased to get baby and all the water out

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I wouldnt worry on my last two pregnancies ive had really high levels of fluid and babies head was always above the 90th percentile and they were both fine. Both also kept spinning up until around 36-37wks when they finally settled head down.

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Hey girls. Friday I had lots of contractions so I headed to the hospital. They gave me 2 shots to boost the baby's lungs. They tried to stop the contractions with morphine but it didn't work. In the end my cervix didn't dilate more than 2 cms so they sent me home. I'm now on bed rest and i have an ultrasound on Wednesday. If baby is still presenting feet first they'll give me a c-section date. I can't wait for him to come out, I'm so scared!

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