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GBS positive...

I'm almost 39 weeks and I found out yesterday that I tested positive for group B strep. I was negative for my last pregnancy, and I'm freaking out a bit. I know that its common, and most likely everything will be OK, but my last labour was fast, and I'm nervous that I won't have enough time on the antibiotics before I deliver. Does anyone have any experience with GBS? Any complications?

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I didn't know I was GBS positive until my 10 day PP check and DD didn't get it, it just caused some issues with healing my episiotomy. The risk of baby getting it is very low but if they can't give you abx in time they should keep a very close eye on baby just in case

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I was GBS+ with all of my babies. I didn't know I was positive with my first baby until he was born, so I didn't get the antibiotics with him. I had the antibiotics with my three middle babies. My fifth was accidentally born at home, so obviously there were no antibiotics. All of my babies are perfect. The odds of it making them sick is extremely low - a 1-2% chance - it can just be very serious if it does happen. I just wouldn't even worry about it. If you're not able to get the antibiotics, just keep an eye on your baby.

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I was gbs+ this time around. Was equally as petrified. I was to go into hospital as soon as labour started, which I did, so that I could get IV antibiotics. I needed to have had them 4 hours before I gave birth in order for LO to not need them. It turned out my entire labour was only 3 hours start to finish, by the time I was at the hospital I was over 5cms and with their first attempt the cannula ballooned, by the second time I wanted to push so they didn't get time to administer them. Because of this we had to stay in the hospital for 3 days so that baby could have precautionary IV antibiotics whilst they sent off blood cultures to grow. These took 72 hours and after they came back all clear we were discharged. It was annoying knowing we were in for 3 days for no reason but it's not their fault my labour was too quick and I'm grateful they take it so seriously.

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I've been gbs positive all three times! It's really nothing to freak out about - your baby getting sick is incredibly rare, even if you do miss out on the antibiotics. Don't spend any time stressing about it.

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Same here... had it for #1. It's really more of a slightly annoying precaution. Wasn't a big deal at all.

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