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I broke down today...

So today has been a rough day at work. Dh stopped by and said he would pick up ds. So I left work,Can't get wine so I got Ice cream and donuts. I came home and laid down. All I want to do is rest. I feel exhausted. I work and I am studying for my masters degree in top of being 32 weeks pregnant... since DH had ds I thought I could get a rest.

Dh comes home, brings ds in to me, turns the light On, puts the tv on cartoons and goes outside to do what he wants to I am obviously wanting a break but moms don't get a break...

So then I find out family is stopping by.i said to dh I'm not up to visitors. Say I am in the bath or laying down.

Next thing I know dh is outside and people come walking through the house... I'm fat so have my pants off, the house is a mess, I have my 2 year old son in here and I just want to be left alone. Every other night I'm making dinner, giving son a bath, bed time stories, doing dishes, cleaning...

Right now the house is a mess, I can't get a seconds peace and dh is off doing stuff he wants. So I just said I'm not dressed and shut the door to my bedroom. I then broke down and started crying. By the time I gathered myself and got dressed family was gone and I feel like a b. Dh isn't the one who will get judged because the house has toys all over it or because the kitchen counter has stuff on it since I haven't cleaned it. Dh gets to work late see his friends and drop whatever he wants where ever he wants as he knows I will fix it. When I don't, people stop by. Why is that always the way...

Now it's time for d's to go to bed and dh is saying to have some me time and he will watch ds for the rest of the night.... seriously???

I don't know I feel awful. I was mean to family I know I'll be judged for that. I haven't got time to see everyone between work and studying and being a mo m and being pregnant... It's just all so over whelming

Thanks if anyone read that

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Don't feel bad. The last weeks of pregnancy are hard and it's OK for us to want alone time. Just talk to you dh I'm sure he will understand.

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Oh huni don't feel bad. Like 28329 said try talking to your man. X

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Bless u hun i understand how tiring it is being pregnant and being a parent abd cleaning up. My house is always a state these days as i have a toddler who undoes everything i do in 10/minutes. I try so harf but it never looks any better. U r well within yourbrights to feel tired and stuff. Oh should just tell them u wasn't feeling well. Its not just your job to clean. I worry sometimes my oh family judge me but unless they help its irrelevant what they think x

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We are all human. Don't worry, everything will be just fine.

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Please don't feel guilty. You have a lot going on, and a pregnancy on top.

If the family judge you, that's their problem. I know where you're coming from, because I've had the same issue. The truth is that we only have so much energy to go around, and you need to think of yourself too.

Can you speak to your other half, and ask him to pull his weight a bit more?

Hang in there!

ETA: Oops....I just realised that the original post was from September of last year.

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Oh you poor thing, what a busy time for you! Its so hard being a mum as we are just expected to deliver and hold it together. You are completely entitled to lose it every now and then! I did something similar a few weeks ago, part of OHs family live half way up the country and wanted to come and see us but i flipped out at him because i just was not in the right frame of mind to entertain let alone clean up the house properly. Plus they are the type who expect to have cups of tea and coffee every half an hour which means i end up in the kitchen constantly making food and drink. I was like na not happening! Don't give yourself a hard time hun. X

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Don`t feel bad It will pass

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Don't feel bad you need to tell you DH how you are feeling. You need rest to and you need time to see your friends to. When you need a rest well you need a blooming rest and your DH should understand that. Xxx

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