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Success Stories for Turning a Breech Baby?

Anyone ever successfully got their baby to turn or know someone who did? This little stinker has been breech since 20 something weeks and obviously has decided that she's quite comfy that way! So far I've only tried the hot and cold method the past couple nights, which has seemed to get her to go sideways but then that's it, and she eventually goes right back to her comfy spot with her head in my ribs! I've seen the spinning babies site and would love to hear if that actually worked for anyone. Thanks ladies!

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I know people who had success with the Spinning Babies site. I was not so lucky. I tried the web site, chiropractor, moxibustion, hot/cold, music, flashlights.... nothing worked. Turns out there was a reason... on the morning I was to get an ECV I had an ultrasound which showed I was low on amniotic fluid. My DD didn't have any fluid to move around in.

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I'm in the exact same boat as you! Went crazy with all the positions on spinning babies but have gave up a little .. baby seems too comfy .. I'm pretty sure he's still breech but have a scan tomorrow .. if he hasn't turned I'm going to try the ECV

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