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32 weeks baby measuring 29 and heart rate dropped on Doppler. So scared

This is my fourth baby and all of my others were bigger babies.. 8lb 3, 9lb 12, 8lb 9... So I'm worried that I'm measuring 29 weeks at 32? Also on the Doppler the hr was so slow. I don't know exactly but the midwife looked at me and looked really worried. Then it sped up and after a few minutes was 130 bpm so ok in the end. She is booking a scan. But until then I am worrying alot. I'm getting loads of movement which is a good sign I know. I'm just so afraid something will be wrong. Can anyone advise?

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measurements can be wrong the scan will be accurate try not to worry x

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I measured 37 weeks at 40-41 weeks and my baby was born at 41+1 weighing 9lb 1oz so measurements can definitely be off! I don't know about heart rate. I cam be lower if baby is sleeping. I'm glad they've booked you a scan and hope you'll soon have all the reassurance you need.

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Its a healthy sign if babys hr varies, its supposed to go up and down. Saying that ive had iugr babies and i know its a worry when they measure small. Make sure they do a Doppler scan to check blood flow and also be vigilant with movement, if baby is moving lots thats a really positive sign...some babies are just smaller x

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My baby's hr slows sometime as well, the hr can increase or decrease with movement . My midwives and the Dr's at MAU weren't at all worried . I know it is a worrying time but try to relax . Call MAU anytime you're worried

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I am glad they got you in for a scan it never hurts to check. My bump measurements were always a bit off last pregnancy but my boys did weigh right where they should have at the week they were in. Even the scan measurements can be off. The movement is good! I am not sure about heart rate but could be position of the baby or how your laying. Wishing you good luck with your scan!!!

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The scan will be much more accurate. Keep a close eye on baby's movements and try not to worry too much, your midwife is doing all the right things.

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