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Bell's Palsy at 38 weeks

Hi all,
So last Wednesday at 37wks 5days, while eating at the Cheesecake factory with my mom, MIL and aunt, I noticed that I had very limited movement on the left side of my face. I thought maybe I was having a stroke. My aunt took me to the hospital, and they diagnosed me with Bell's Palsy, which apparently is three times more likely in pregnancy, especially the third trimester. They gave me some medication and sent me home. Now, three days later, I still have very limited movement on the left side of my face. It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just very annoying not to be able to blink and eating is hard because I can only move half my mouth. The baby's fine btw, so I'm grateful for that! Has anyone else experienced this? How long does it take to go away?

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Oh man that sucks so much I know that it is more common in pregnancy, but I don't know how long it lasts sorry. I hope it goes away soon, it must be so so annoying.
How scary for you when you thought it was a stroke!
Get well soon x

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My neighbour had it and it took 2 or 3 months to completely go away.

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Bell's palsy generally occurs when there has been trauma or damage to a specific facial nerve, either through compression (swelling in the third trimester) or viral infection. Nerves take a very long time to heal. The rule of thumb is one millimeter of healing per day. It could take months to completely go away. Most doctors will tell you up to 6 months, but you should get a lot of healing long before that.

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Someone I work with had Bell's Palsy and it took months to fully disappear. But, as a PP has said, it really varies depending on how much repair needs to take place.

Hope it clears up quickly for you xx

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I know it's not quite the same, but a few months ago my husband got Bell's Palsy. His didn't take nearly as long as we were expecting it to take to heal. I think it was around 3 weeks still, though. They said his was caused by a virus, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Either way, I hope you recover quickly!

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I had Bell's Palsey several years ago, although wasn't pregnant at the time. It took months for my face to feel normal again, and certainly about two weeks before that weird feeling stopped, and my face stopped feeling numb. Mine was caused by a viral infection.

Even now, three years later, I still sometimes can feel the difference between the sides of my face, but it's very very minute, my dr said less than 1%. But I can feel it occasionally.

It's great you got seen straight away. My brother was with me at the time, and is a dr and was able to take me to his ER, and I was told if you aren't seen and treated within 24hrs it most often leads to permanent damage. So great you got seen asap.

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That's rubbish
I had it really mild when I was 15 but the limited movement only lasted about a week, I was lucky. My sister had it a few years before me and it went on for weeks.
From what I can remember once the movement came back my face HURT for a good couple of weeks. Holding something warm to it helped.
Hope it doesn't last too long for you.

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My dad had Bellís Palsy due to Lyme disease. It took about 6-9 months to heal, but it looked better every month.

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