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Detail needed please...after birth

Hi Mummies to be,

I really would like some of you to explain what happens exactly after birth within the uk. I am a first time mum and 37 weeks.

I am planning on having a water birth..will I have to get out to deliver placenta? Do i deliver placenta on bed? Etc

I have also heard stories of midwives trying to prod and pull the placenta out of you by pulling on the cord. I have also heard that some midwives come round after the birth to the wards and massage your tummy to help it go back this just in america because it sounds painful.

I feel really quite worried about what happens after they dont really prepare you or warn you about things. A step by step would be great uk ladies!

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Hey lovely, I'm not in the uk, but I just wanted to rest your fears in regards to the midwives massaging your tummy to help it go down. That happened to me last time in hospital, I was in hospital for quite a while after the birth. Anyway, each day the midwives would come and push down on my uterus to measure how far it would go and I guess it also helped it go back down. I am a biiiiig sook when it comes to pain and it didn't hurt at all. It's weird, it was just like them pushing down into an empty void.
Hopefully that relaxes you a little in terms of that.
Good luck with your water birth

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After both my c-sections the nurses would come and massage my belly... OMG it was excruciating BUT I had just had major abdominal surgery so it's much worse. My friends with vaginal deliveries all said it was no big deal for them!!!!

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I had it done with DD1 and it hurt a bit but that could have been from them having just removed a huge blood clot from my uterus. That could have been why it hurt so much.

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With my first and I had a little injection which I agreed to before hand to help it come out .. I remember being told to push it out but it just came right out .. I don't remember anyone ever touching my belly or anything to get it out .. If your worried the best person to talk to is your midwife and she will tell you exactly what will happen :-)

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My first baby I birthed in a midwife led unit. I laboured in the pool but got out to push as I got too hot. After he was born I had the injection to help the placenta out. I delivered that on the bed and for me it was quite painful as I tore a bit while delivering my son. After the placenta was out the midwife had to check to see if I needed stitching. I then had to give a urine sample (they need to make sure everything still works properly!) I then was able to have a quick shower before going to the antenatal ward with my baby. No tummy massages for me! I was up and walking immediately after birth. Although I was rather sore down there so had to pour a jug of water on it everytime I had to pee for about a week,

My second was a planned homebirth. She was born in the pool. I had the injection again and got put of the pool around 5 mins after birth. I delivered the placenta squatting on the floor about 10 minutes after that. After doing a wee sample again I was able to get into my bed with my baby. No tummy massage again. :-)
I wish you all the best with your birth xxx

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Originally Posted by mrsrose16 View Post
I have also heard stories of midwives trying to prod and pull the placenta out of you by pulling on the cord.
I would like to think that professional health care providers wouldn't attempt to pull your placenta out. That can cause a lot of damage!! I'm hoping someone has told you that as a horror story and it didn't actually happen.

My DD was born with forceps and I was given the injection after to help birth the placenta. I had to give a little push if I remember correctly and it was out. I didn't get a stomach massage or anything. I was in hospital for 3 days after and they would come round and check that my uterus with shrinking, but they didn't push down or massage it in anyway and it didn't hurt at all.

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my placenta got stuck so they pulled mine out with the cord but they dont usually do that and it was my choice to let them go ahead and pull it as i wanted to avoid surgery to remove it that has only happened once out of 9 births though

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My experience may be slightly different than what might be the norm as my first was born at home. But after she was born, I stayed where I was (which was on hands and knees on the floor) for a bit and then moved to the bed after to deliver the placenta when it didn't obviously come right away. You certainly can stay in the pool if you have a water birth and often it pretty much just falls out when you stand up to get out anyway. But usually, they encourage you to get out of the water so they are better able to monitor you. Particularly if the water is bloody, it's hard to see. They may not be able to see the placenta or they may not be able to monitor you as closely as they'd like for blood loss. Likely you'll eventually be cold and want to dry off anyway so you'll want to get out.

I sat up on the bed with my daughter skin to skin for an hour and waited for the placenta to come. Midwives did her apgar scores, busied themselves tidying up, did their notes, etc. Placenta didn't seem to be coming so they encouraged me to be up on my hands and knees again on the bed to see if gravity would help. They also after a point inserted a urinary catheter as my bladder was too full, which was part of what was preventing placenta from detaching. That sounds awful, but it really wasn't. It was such a relief to go and I hadn't realised I needed to wee that much. When the placenta hadn't come after an hour, I opted to get the jab as there were some concerns that I was starting to bleed too much. It came about 20 minutes later. They do sometimes use cord traction (pulling gentle on the cord) and uterine massage to help the placenta detach and the uterus to contract if it isn't. This is to help prevent a PPH. It's not standard practice though if all is going fine. Usually they just leave you to it. You might say it's more typical in the U.S. as birth is much more managed there and it's much more rare to have a natural 3rd stage, so pretty much everyone gets the jab, cord traction and massage. Definitely no one came around to do it after that, like days later (sounds weird to me, honestly). The only midwife visits I had after the birth were for weigh ins for my daughter and to check up on how she was feeding. In terms of 3rd stage though, here the tendency is to usually leave you to it unless you request management or there is medical need for it. The placenta will be inspected to make sure it comes out intact and whole and there aren't any issues with it.

After that, they did my stitches (had a minor 2nd degree tear). My husband laid down on the bed with us having skin to skin with our daughter while they did this. They did some more checks, weighed her, she got the vitamin K jab, etc. They had a cup of tea, bagged up any waste, I think the midwives put some washing on for any sheets/towels that had been soiled and they left.

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I've had two uk hospital births. Both of mine were assisted (vacuum and forceps) so straight away the babies were taken to be checked over, but still in the room, while I came to a bit. Then they were given to my husband while I delivered the placenta. To be honest, I don't even remember delivering the placenta with either. After pushing a baby out, the placenta is easy peasy! I did have the jab to speed it up though. With baby they cleaned them up a bit, weighed them, nappy on and hat on, and wrap them in a towel before being handed over. All while I was getting the placenta out, so I didn't "miss" them so to speak. Both mine needed immediately checked due to them getting a bit pissrd off during labour!

With number one they stitched me while my husband then held her, before I had skin to skin and established feeding. That all took about an hour I would say.

With number two I was taken to theatre, so baby left with my husband. He said it was pretty strange as they all left and he was just left with the baby, periodic updates on how I was (I had a third degree tear and had to be stitched in theatre. But took ages as I went in to shock so they couldn't get me sorted as I was shaking too much). When I eventually got back I got baby, skin to skin and established feeding. That took almost two hours, as I was over an hour in theatre.

Then in both cases we were allowed to stay in the delivery suite for about 3 hours after birth before being moved up to the ward. With no1 my husband stayed the whole time, with no2 he left after about an hour to get home as was the middle of the night. He wasn't allowed up to the ward at that time anyway.

On the ward, nobody ever massaged my tummy (need they dare, I'd have had them! Sounds like agony!) but they do feel it to ensure it is going down ok, as it can be a sign of retained placenta if it isn't (so I believe).

On the ward, baby went in to an incubator beside me, and you are then left to figure out wtf just happened �� It all kind of passes in a blur, please don't be worried as there will be people there to guide you every step of the way.

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