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34 weeks measuring 30 - sent for growth scan?

Has anyone had any experiences of this? I know it's only a tape measure and with my first I was measuring 2 weeks behind she was 9lb 3 at 40 weeks bang on. So I think I just hide babies well?

However midwife seemed concerned as in 6 weeks I've grown fundal height by only 2cm?

I'm in the UK what can I expect tomorrow? I've got another scan booked in at 36 weeks which was down to me having a previous big baby but after my appointment today she said she wants me in tomorrow to check as measuring 4cm behind?

Just looking for a bit of reassurance x

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I did with dd2 and am measuring about 2-3 weeks final height behind again this time. I've had scans both times and it's just baby dropping down into the pelvis a bit further! I hope it's the same for you!!

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I wouldn't worry too much about the measurements they can be way off. I was measuring 4 weeks ahead but had growth scan which showed baby was on target. X

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This happened to me with dd2. I measured 6 weeks behind at 32 weeks and was sent for an emergency growth scan that day. At the scan she was measuring bang on 50th percentile and was born 9 days late at 7lb 15oz. I also hide babies well lol. Xx

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