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So my husband left me just before I turned 20 weeks. I've been holding onto hope that he would come home but as of yet nothing

Finding the whole situation very hard. I'm 30 weeks and it's just ruining the pregnancy for me. So worried how I'm going to cope emotionally after the birth. I just picture myself crying all the time, but i know having that mindset isn't good for me either.
I have to take blood thinning injections everyday and I'm so sick of them now. I'm annoyed with my midwife as she's useless and I have no trust in her or the hospital. I was supposed to have a GD test 2 weeks ago and I've given up chasing for it now. The hospital messed up my repeat scan appointment and I had to tell them I needed it sooner as she's measuring small. Have got it sorted now at least. Feel like I'm having to manage everyone to actually do what they're supposed to. Its so frustrating.

Not really looking forward to actually having my baby girl. Be quite happy to stay pregnant for longer. So worried how it's going to make me feel having this baby and My husband not being there for me in an emotional loving sense (Altho physically he will be for the first few weeks). My best friend just had a baby and seeing a newborn just makes me sad and want to cry.

Not sure why I'm posting this. Just need to get it out of my system again and feel like I'm a broken record with my friends.

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My previous marriage broke down at a similar gestation and I moved back to be with my mum and 5yo daughter. It was tough but we got through. I was also worried that I wouldn't love my baby , but I did . She made me strong and we got through it all . Sending you hugs as I know how you feel . Hang in there though

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I am so, so sorry to hear of your situation. My precious daughter is traveling through something very similar right now, but unlike you, she is not married. After watching her initial hurt and disillusionment In raising her son alone, I can only imagine how much your circumstances must also hurt your heart.

My daughter has come full circle and has been fortunate to have a great support system in our family, so I hope that you do as well in your friends and family also. May I please encourage you to seek out help and support from what is called a local Pregnancy Resource Center also?

I used to work in one and I know that if there is one located near you, the ladies who work/volunteer there would love nothing better than to have you come in so they can offer help, support, comfort, hope, and care to you in this time. I know sometimes it can seem that we are sounding like “stuck records” to our friends and family, but the ladies in that center are there for the very purpose of listening to and helping you and your precious baby girl navigate this very difficult season in your lives and get you both off to a good start in life together.

They can help connect/refer you to any social service help you might need, as well as, parental support groups, etc. you might be in need of.

Some, can even provide you with maternity clothing you might need and your little one with a car seat, diapers, food, formula, etc.

I certainly hope the very best for you and your sweet baby girl. I am a person of faith, so I hope you won’t mind my saying that I will be praying for you and your family. Your husband included. Many blessings.

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