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Mixed reaction to possible vbac2

Hey ,

So I've never gone into labour , ds I was AROM at 40wk and had baby 4.5hr later . DD1 PROM with no contractions at 26+6 then induced labor at 32+3 , failed so had emcs. DD2 was supposed to be a VBAC but at 37 weeks I measured 49 ( yes that's 49 cm! !!!) With a big baby and polyhydramnios so Dr's agreed a section would be better at 38wks. I have a section scheduled for 39wks , but had recently felt that if I went into labour beforehand I'd like to see if I could deliver naturally. My OB felt that I should just have the elcs , family are horrified I'd even consider a natural birth . Hubby is supportive , he'd worry either way tbh as I haemorrhaged last csec. Has anyone successfully vbac'd with a similar obstetric history ?

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Lot's of threads in the Labour & Birth section if you do an advanced search or of course to open. new thread for your own support.

Heres one that might help:
Vbac/vba2c support!

Fab your hubby is supportive. Good luck with your decision x

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I know several women who have had VBA2C through my midwife. She even just did a VBA3C! Look up info from iCan

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