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Painful movements

I'm 31 weeks today and everytime my baby moves it's extremely painful to the point where I have to stop what I'm doing and bend over. Has anyone else had this? Is it normal?

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I would suggest you see your doctor so you can have a peace of mind.

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Definitely normal and uncomfortable! I had bad pelvic pain around 33 weeks, he was hitting a nerve down there. OB assured me sometimes they just get into a weird position, and will likely move around again soon!

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If it's just today it's probably just the position baby's got into, you will be the only one feeling uncomfortable not baby if that's any consolation haha. Main thing is baby is moving. If you get concerned about the pains then of course see a doctor or midwife.
Sometimes I find lying on a bed and rolling from side to side helps dislodge baby from an uncomfortable position.

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Oh, yes. That's normal. Especially when my babies would move their feet to my SIDE, ugh. That bothered me the most. I'd intentionally get them to be back-to-back so they wouldn't hurt me, and then I'd get them back into proper position around when they're due. I wouldn't recommend it, haha, but that shows how desperate I was.

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I was getting a lot of pain at the top of my bump, when I went for a routine scan it turned out baby had its leg/foot up to its head so no wonder I was in pain. It did worry me though so if you are just reassure yourself by ringing your midwife x

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If your concerned ring your midwife but movements can certainly be pretty uncomfortable at this stage in pregnancy.

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