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Induction on Tuesday!

Hi Ladies,

So i had to have a growth scan today amd baby is measuring small so they are going to induce me. I have an induction booked for Tuesday but they are going to try a cervical sweep first. I have been asked to come in every day now until Tuesday. I have to go in tomorrow and they said they will try the sweep either tomorrow or friday.

Has anyone been induced? Can you offer any tips or advice. Please no horror stories as I am already feeling quite scared about it all! Xx

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Aww good luck lovely.
I haven't had a sweep but I have been induced-- it wasn't smooth sailing and took 4 attempts, I arrived Wednesday and had baby Friday, but even knowing that, I am hoping to be induced again with this baby. So it couldn't have been that bad!
In saying that, I had an epidural straight away so I didn't feel any pain

Also, I don't have any advice about the induction (apart from trying to relax) but one piece of advice I give everyone who I know I having a vaginal birth is to make sure you pack a squeeze top water bottle in your hospital bag to squirt yourself with when you wee after birth. It dilutes the acid in your urine and really helps the pain on your sensitive bits

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i have been induced a few times its a long process but i did it on gas and air im sure you will be fine x

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I've being induced twice, 1st time I was already 3cm so they broke my waters, 47 mins baby was here, 2nd time, I had 1st pessary at 9pm and baby was here by 321am.
Sending lots of luck to you x

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I was induced with my first by pitocin. I was 1 cm. I had an epidural after 4 hours and had him about 10 hours after they started the drip.

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You'll get a hundred different outcomes asking this question! It all depends how your body reacts to it. I would say get as prepared as you can yourself, ball bouncing etc. I had 4 pessaries and 3 sweeps and nothing worked so ended up with section. She just wasn't ready to come! It can be a longer process (I was in for 4 days before I had my section) so I would maybe have an extra bag of clothes in the car in case you need them but as I said it's different for everyone! Good luck lovely x

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Induction started on a Tuesday afternoon, and she was out by 7am on Wednesday

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Been induced 3 times, 1st labour 1hr 40mins, second 1hr 20mins and third 50mins. Pain comes thick and fast but as soon as I'm done I don't even remember it's that quick for me !
ETA: no complications and each baby arrived healthy!

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Was induced at 40wk with DS , went in at 3-4 cm was AROMd straight away . Then I was 10cm 2.5hr later, then pushed for 2hrs. DD1 was induced via pitocin at 32+3 due to infection , dilated 1cm in 11hrs so I had an emcs due to baby being so preemie. Had no pain relief with DD1, with DS I had g&a and pethidine . Neither worked for me , but I was labouring very hard the entire time with 30 secs between contractions , baby was back to back as well .xx

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I have been induced with my 1st, 2nd and 4th babies.

It isnít so bad. I had sweeps with all that didnít do anything.

With my first I was 38+5 and had 2 gel pessaries before they could break my waters. Once my waters were broke and the drip was up it took 4 hours and the pain was manageable.

With my second I was 42 weeks. I didnít need the gel. Waters were broke and the drop was put up. Again it took 4 hours. The pain was manageable again, itís worth it for what you are getting in return

My 4th was an induced Vbac. I couldnít have the gel but it turned out I didnít need it. I was 38+5 and got my waters broke straight away. This time however it took 10 hours of semi uncomfy contractions on the drip to kick labour in, once labour kicked in however it took literally 33 minutes including the delivery. It hurt yes but again it was manageable

You will be fine! Good luck! Take food, sandwiches etc... and multivitamin juice too if you can get it. Also, donít let them make you feel you HAVE to be stuck on the bed, even on the monitor (which you will have to be on) you can get off the bed, sit on a ball etc (unless you have an epidural). Also, some hospitals do wireless monitoring.

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