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Pregnant (Expecting)
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33 weeks pregnant

Hi there, so I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and my due date is 11 December so I'm supposed to work till end November but I'm not sure if ill be able to work until end November, so my question is what can I do to be booked off until my mat leave starts which is 1st December. I think I can work till mid November but there after I doubt I will be able to and I don't want to come back earlier as well. if makes sense

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Do you have any annual leave you could use?

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It would have to be annual leave I'm afraid. If you go off sick after 36 weeks your mat leave would be started anyway.

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Hi I have same due date as you! 😊

My last pregnancy I really suffered with bad back pain and found it very difficult to go to work. I was signed off sick at 36 weeks and it wasn't considered maternity leave. My mat leave then started the day baby was born.

It might depend on what country you are in and if you have extended health insurance to cover short term disability payments.

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