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Constant Braxton Hicks

Last night after a bit of serious baby activity I started having contractions that would ease up every few minutes, I ended up getting into bed to ease the pain and fell asleep between them. Woke up this morning and I've been feeling dull contractions ever since (almost 5 hours now) but they aren't easing up or stopping at any point it's just very constant.

I'm a ftm and I've been very on edge and clueless about everything! Had a Dr apt yesterday and a pelvic exam and the Dr said everything was fine on that end.

Ive had BH since 21 weeks but they would always go away when I rested and only came on with activity. I'm very confused about what normal and what's not

Are these kind of BH normal? Or is it just baby being extra active ?

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BH can be worse if you've done more activity than normal or you're dehydrated. Try resting up and drinking plenty of fluids. If they don't ease up any, I would give your midwife a call to be on the safe side x

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Have a big big drink, something to eat and put your feet up for a couple of hours. They are often tiredness/dehydration related but if they don't slow down/ease after that give your mw a call x

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