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Had my show- how much longer now?!

Iím 40 + 3 And I had been having Braxton Hicks for a week until I had my sweep. I had a sweep at 40 weeks and no tightenings, the day later nothing and hen yesterday morning I had a large bloody show. I started with some period type pains last night and the off uncomfortable tightening which stopped this morning. Any one have any idea how much longer? Iím going to go for a walk later as hat seems to be the one thing which gives me tightenings. This is my 3rd and I only had my show when I was in established labour with my other 2!

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I had my show only after my water broke with 2 of my babies. I had my show off and on for weeks before delivering 2 of my babies. I had my show the morning I went into labor with my fifth baby. I'm sorry to say it isn't as dependable a sign as it should be. I think since you're overdue, it should be a better sign that your labor should be starting, but gosh.. ya just never know, unfortunately. Good luck! Labor vibes!

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With my first, I was in established labour within 2 hours after show and my daughter was born about 11 hours after. So this could be the start of things...or it could be awhile longer. With me, I had the show, waters broke, had a clear out and mild period cramps all within about 30 minutes of each other, so I knew I was obviously in labour.

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I had my sweep and then a few hours later I had very irregular contractions or Braxton hicks, the next morning I had bloody mucus but still very irregular pains. Later that evening my regular contractions started so for me it was less than 12 hours after the mucus

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Can you have sex? Sex after a sweep always kicked things in gear for me!!

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I had a (very) bloody show after an internal and stretch/sweep (was already 3-4cm) , that was at 4pm. Had no twinges or aches. Was actually induced the next day and had waters broke at 11 am. Baby was here at 1542 !

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