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Hey Mama,
You might benefit from lowering your expectations of yourself, giving yourself some grace (recognize you are not going to be 100% for some time) and resetting your loved ones expectations of you too. My goodness, you have a lot going on with pregnancy and a toddler, to worry about anyone else outside of the family inside your home right now is kind of an after-thought. Truly, any mom in your situation would need some help from friends and family.

You might not be able to go to birthdays.
You might not be able to take your child to playgroups or parks even.

I would love to see a family member offer to take your kiddo to the park for you, but these days we don't always have a village to help raise them, right?

I was pregnant with a toddler also and you know what I've learned? As long as you give them some extra love and explain why things will be different, they are no worse off. Check out pinterest for how to keep them busy indoors if you'd like--it was a life saver for my active 2 yr old. Read stories, color together, or watch movies together. As long as your with your child and feeling less stressed, it will be excellent quality time together.

Let yourself off the hook a little bit mama and enjoy the quiet moments by just being still and not putting pressure on yourself to do anything. Hugs!

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