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Originally Posted by WackyMumof2 View Post
Originally Posted by Fire_fly View Post
Just read your op, my first thought was your plug too. Saw your update, glad everything's okay!
Gastro is horrible, I remember having it when I was 9 weeks pregnant and couldn't even keep liquids down for the first 6 hours. Glad your feeling better x
It's not one of the nicest bugs I must admit. I'd rather have the flu over gastro. I was lucky because I was immunized last pregnancy I didn't have to endure anymore than a few hours of symptoms.

OMG, having it at 9 weeks must have been scary!! So glad your okay too!
Definitely me too, have never felt so ill in my life and have had the flu twice. It was, was ill for about 4 days but baby was fine. Panicked and phoned the midwife though, she didn't want me to come in though in case in case I passed it on (which I understand but didn't help at the time) said to call back and come in the next morning if still wasn't keeping fluids down but luckily was by then!

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