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Help! Might be TMI

I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with varicose veins in their lady bits (labia)? I have a lump that has appeared that is soft and looks like it could be a varicose vein - blood filled area. I have read they are quite common in 3rd trimester but I haven't had them in my last 2 pregnancies so am just a little worried. Doesn't hurt at all and hasn't gotten any bigger or anything.

Has anyone had these before?

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Hey , I've not had them but think they're pretty common . The cool gel pads (or freeze them if you're really sore!) Can offer great relief apparently.

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I shared one of our articles yesterday on this. Might be worth a read:

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Have one popped up in my leg but have heard of them in the vagina, maybe ask your mw if you're worried x

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