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Can BHs indicate a smoother labor? Are this many BHs normal?

I am expecting my 4th baby in March.
With my three previous pregnancies, I never really experienced Braxton Hicks Contractions. The only time I ever did was at the very very end with my third baby. And I was overdue by the time those even started.

My first baby was born sunnyside up at 41+5 (about 31 hours of labor)
My second baby was born at 38+3 (about 32 hours of labor)
My third was born at 41+0 (about 2-4 hours of labor)

I am 26 weeks. (Im over from the 2nd trimesters because i figured you all would have a little more insight here in 3rd tri). I started getting BHs really super early with this one. Very subtle around 16ish weeks. they picked up around 20 weeks but still wasn't often at all. Last week they really started to pick up and yesterday they were very frequent. Today, they have been even more so. They do not hurt whatsoever. They just are tightenings that I notice. Nothing painful. No pressure. Up until yesterday, they seemed to happen more at night. But today they have been happening a lot. They happen when I am sitting doing nothing. They happen when I am cleaning house. They do not get better with sitting and chilling out.

Since im not in pain, dont have any leaks or blood, Im not really concerned, just more wondering if this is normal? What isn't considered normal? And is there any info or evidence (or your own experience) on labor being more regular or faster having had so many BHs? Just curious. I dont know what "normal' is when it comes to BHs because ive really never had to deal with them previously.

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Yes I had braxtons from really early last time, about 14-16 weeks. They were really strong and uncomfortable too and I could set them off quite easily! My midwife was happy though and they carried on the whole way through. As long as you're not in pain, losing plug etc then it's fine. Try drinking extra water as that can help. But when it came to labour my body had no clue so ended up with a c section, you'd have thought it would know what to do after all those months practicing

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I had BH starting at 20 weeks with my first son, but ended up with a c-section after a failed induction. I thought the same thing, that labor would be easier, but I guess it's not always the case!

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I’ve been noticing BH since about 15/16 weeks. Some days, I get just tons of them! They never hurt, but they do take my breath away sometimes. I was induced the first time, so we’ll see if more BH means a faster labor. I have no idea how long my labor would have been if I wasn’t induced though!

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I had these fairly early on with my first son - they started somewhere between 20 and 30 weeks, can’t remember exactly when. I was getting heaps of them by the end. The midwife would simply do a quick touch of my belly and then have to wait until my belly relaxed again after a braxton hicks. My labour was roughly 19 hours, with at least 12-14 hours of contractions before actually heading into active labour (with son being born at 39+6). My boy was posterior and I had classic back labour, so when my back started cramping up at the 15 hour mark, I opted for an epidural. I ended up with an emergency forceps delivery as he went into distress as I was trying to push him out.
So not sure about the braxton hicks meaning a smoother delivery or not... If I hadn’t had the epidural, I might have got him out faster on my own, and avoided the forceps, so it’s really hard to say.

I’ve been getting heaps of them this time round again - and at this point, they feel a lot stronger than they did with first son. But I don’t think it will probably affect the outcome - what will be, will be.

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As long as they aren't painful, then yes, absolutely normal and I don't think they mean much. You are more likely to get them the more babies you've had. With my first, I had none at all (or at least none that I was aware of!). I had an easy natural birth with her, 11 hours from waters going but no contractions to her being born, no pain relief needed. I'm pregnant with my 2nd now and I have loads of them. I had to go in for monitoring last week as baby's heart rate was a bit high (seemed to have been a blip, was fine at monitoring and they weren't concerned), but I had them one after the other while hooked up to the monitor, much like you'd expect of contractions. Midwives said it was perfectly normal though and not a sign of anything. So I just think one of those things, but much more common when you've had more babies.

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Not for me. I had very few BHs and a 30 minute labor with my fifth baby. I had tons of BHs with my fourth baby and had a 22 hour long labor.

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I get them all the time , this pregnancy they are a bit more nippy than previous babies ! But my uterus is grumpy and had enough of babies taking up squatters rights . Hope yours are a good sign that labour will be a breeze .drink RLT from 35 weeks as well , get your uterus really toned and ready for birth

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Not in my experience! Had them with my first and had a 38 hour, super complicated labour then I had none with my second and had a 9 hour smooth, easy labour!

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Well I was wondering this myself, but it appears there is no correlation. Such a bummer cause I have had tons with this pregnancy.

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