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I had an emergency c section. I'm also allergic to co-codamol so could only take paracetamol for pain relief after delivery, which obviously made my pain seem worse. I didn't have any complications as such, aside needing a pressure dressing in to keep my scar secure as it was a bit weepy.

I had her at 4am on Thursday and left hospital 12pm on Saturday, so about 50 hours later. It would have been earlier but dd had to see a paediatrician about a birth mark. I walked out the hospital carrying a bag, including two flights of stairs. The car journey home was painful due to the seatbelt.

I was in quite a bit of discomfort at home and needed help sitting up from lying down and putting on socks for a week or two.

I walked the dog at 5 days post c-section and we went to the shopping centre for a shopping trip and lunch when she was 1 week old. I'd say I felt quite good by about two weeks post surgery but still had occasional pain until maybe 6 weeks later.

I had 7 staples and you honestly can't really see my scar. I've not had any issues with numbness or anything.

I'm having an elective next time!

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I've had one natural and two csecs . One emcs and one elcs . After my emcs I had all the usual after pain and was really gassy and constipated . Second time round I learnt my lesson . As soon as i was cleared to start drinking / eating again I chugged as much water as poss and fibrey foods incl greens and smoothies . Made that first number two much easier and so much less gassy as wasn't blocked up. Take your pain meds aa often as poss in the first few days . I tend to wean off after day 4 or 5 and just use paracetamol or ibuprofen from then on. Get up and mobile as soon as possible . Sit and stand tall , don't hunch over your scar . Maternity leggings offer great support for the first few weeks ( jojo maman bebe are the best as have a double thick tummy panel !) I was out for lunch with my mum on day 6 . Felt fine .

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You're going to get a very wide range of stories here, so here's mine as well.

My C-section wasn't planned, but wasn't exactly an emergency either. I was induced and my waters broke but my contractions never really got very strong and I didn't get past about 3cm dilated, so after all day on the drip we made the call to have the C-section.

My recovery went really well. I did need the strong pain killers for the first few days while I was in the hospital but I was up and walking around the next morning, able to pick up my baby etc. By the time I got home I was just on panadeine/ibuprofen. I should mention though that my OB did spend a lot longer than usual stitching me up as I'd had a DVT early in the pregnancy and she was being very thorough to try and prevent any more forming after the surgery, so that probably helped.

I had absolutely no trouble breastfeeding, DD took to it very well from the first go a few hours after the delivery (she spent a bit of time in the nursery afterwards with low blood sugar). My milk came in around 3 days after the birth, although I had been expressing colostrum for about 2 weeks before because we knew she might have issues, and I really think that helps your milk to come in quickly.

I had a fair bit of abdominal separation but I just followed the physio's advice and used the SRC recovery shorts as well, and it all came together nicely.

I'm having a planned C-section in 7 weeks and my only concern this time around is how I'll manage with my 2.5 yr old DD wanting cuddles and to be picked up.

If you do have the C-section my big tips would be to make sure you get up and walk as soon as you can afterwards (gently of course), take the painkillers as long as you need them, and avoid unnecessary trips until you feel up to it. Also, if your bed is a bit high, get a little step to help you get in and out, that made things so much more comfortable for me.

Good luck!

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A lot depends on your surgeon, the hospital, you, and your support system. I had an elective (but pseudo-emergency) c-section. Here's the low-down on my experience:

DD was breech, and despite trying everything i could (literally everything) she wasn't turning. I was scheduled for an external cephalic version at 37 weeks with about a 12% chance of success, per the OB i went with. The day of my ECV, i had an ultrasound done which revealed oligoamnios, or low amniotic fluid. I had been leaking for weeks without realizing it. I thought the wetness was normal discharge. My levels were low enough that by the time my OB came to give me scan results they were prepping the OR in labor and delivery. My OB said i would have a baby in 1 hour. They gowned me up, gave me a cap and i walked into the OR, sat on the table. I was given a spinal injection and when i was numb they put in a catheter. It was minutes later (literally) that my girl was born. She was put on my chest within a couple minutes of delivery and kept there until my OB finished the surgery. They wheeled me in a bed to my room, helped me sit up, handed me my daughter and helped me get her latched for breastfeeding. This was all within 30 minutes of her being born. She was born 1:27pm. I got nauseous from the medications and got sick twice. The spinal wore off in a few hours. The pain wasn't awful but i was given oxycodone and extra strength Tylenol which did not affect the bonding or breastfeeding at all. The next morning my nurse helped me out of bed and my catheter was removed. After that i was able to get out of bed on my own without help. I was slow and tender but able to do it. I was walking around the unit the next day. On day three i went home and stopped the oxycodone without problems. The next day i stopped taking Tylenol. The pain was minimal. I was climbing stairs fine. I drove my car a day later and was walking around Target 1 week after surgery. I was holding and lifting and taking care of my girl just fine.

Most women i know say their c section recovery wasn't bad ... better than a vaginal birth. But you need a good surgeon and it depends on how you heal. Everyone is a little different

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I think my decision if I were you would largely depend on what condition you have and how it would really affect a vaginal delivery. I had 2 amazing csections, was one of those women that used to brag about how easy a csection was and I even preferred it to vaginal. My recovery for my first 2 was a walk in the park after one week I was back to doing everythjng with no issues. My third cestion was a nightmare. I developed an internal abcess and was hospitalized for 8 weeks with uncontrollable fevers due to the infection that wouldnít go and they had to reopen me and clean me out. Because of that, the wound had to stay open and I had a machine on it for a month after coming home and then nurses coming to do dressing changes for another 3 weeks after that. It was a 3 month ordeal! What people donít realize (and I didnít either) is that a section is fine for 1-2 pregnancies but once u start having 3-4 sections it becomes a problem and the risks of scar tissue, placenta problems and rupture start to increase. My intention isnít to scare you but to help you make an informed decision because often once you opt for one section you are likely locked in to future ones should u have subsequent pregnancies. So this is something to consider. In my case u had one too many and my body really didnít react well to a third one for some odd reason. If thereís a chance to try vaginal and your risks are very low in regards to your condition, I would definitely go for it. GL xx

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