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Honest C-Section Recovery?

I am almost 31 weeks, and my OB suggested a c section because of a condition I have that could interfere with the birth/baby. It's up to me (however, if my condition is an issue, they will end up needing to do a c section anyway). I don't know what to decide. The recovery of a C-section scares me, yet women in my baby group on FB have said it's not a big deal and explained their positive c sections (some have said it's the only way they would deliver even). I feel like I can't relax until I make up my mind either way and I guess I'm looking for more thoughts on what the actual recovery from a c section is like?

Main concerns are being able to breast feed, getting around (I need to climb about 14 steps to get into my apt), and long term risks

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Not going to lie, for me it really sucked. My first was an emcs and my second a VBAC for which I received a third degree tear and episiotomy. I recovered quicker and easier from a major tear and episiotomy than I did from the c section. The main issue is just getting around and doing the physical tasks that a newborn requires after a c section. You will need a lot of help.

There's a big difference between major surgery straight through all your stomach muscles and recovering from tears to your pelvic floor. You use your stomach muscles and core every time you move! Every time you lift baby, stand up, sit down, etc. I also lived up stairs when I had my c section and basically didn't leave the house for the first few weeks as it was so hard getting around.

My milk was also delayed coming in after the c section and he basically starved for the first few days - I had to supplement him with formula for 3 weeks until my milk supply straightened out and was able to solely breastfeed him after that. By contrast, breastfeeding my second was a breeze and my milk came in on the second night.

I think if there's a chance you could deliver vaginally, it might be good to discuss more with your doctor or midwife about how this might be possible. If a c section is unavoidable, then just be prepared that it might not be as much of a breeze as some say. That said, I've seen a lot of women on here saying it wasn't a big deal having a c section, but for me it was not pleasant at all and I'm aiming for another VBAC this time. Especially as I have older kids I need to look after and lift I would hate to have a c section again (though obviously wouldn't hesitate if it would save my baby's life at the time).

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Really depends, an emergency section and a planned section are very different and with different recoveries. I had an emcs first time and it did suck. Mainly because i felt helpless having to rely on people to do everything for me initially. First few days I couldn't pick up my baby or get around by myself but it did get easier quickly. I was walking short distances after around 10 days and was pretty much back to gentle normal at 3 weeks. But it is major surgery. If you have other children it's so hard so this time I'm aiming for a VBaC. I'm not sure if this is your first but I didn't really leave the house for a week or so and if you don't have other kids then you can take the time to rest and recover but I have school runs to do etc so I can't lie in bed and recover slowly this time! It wasn't that painful after first few days, just uncomfortable and sore really.
Having said that planned section seem to be much better recovery. I have a few friends who have had them and they have been up and about within a few days and recovered really quickly with no complications. So if it is planned I would expect a much quicker recovery.
Regarding long term risks I don't know anyone that has had complications from c sections, except maybe some weepy stitches etc but nothing long term. I didn't have any delayed milk issue with mine

I would weigh up the risks be benefits, if it's your first and is a planned section I'm sure you will be fine, if you have other kids to look after it's much more of a factor unless you have a lot of help round you x

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I only had vaginal births but it seems like from what you described about your condition that if you need it you will not have a choice. If that is the case try not to focus on all the reasons why a c section may suck more. Think of the good stuff!
No labor pain
You can plan bc you know date
Your dr will schedule it at normal hours (I.e. no exhausted 4 am)
I heard a non emergency c-section is really relaxed environment
Your vagina wonít rip in half
Your vagina and bladder will stay their youthful selves!
There are so many good things to focus ignore then less good if you donít have a choice

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I had both emergency (single) and non emergency (twins) and they were bout same to be honest...i wean off my pain meds as soon as i am able ... did most of work myself after my mom and gma left after first week or so in both cases...slept in nursery once hubby started going back to work so i wouldnít bother him at night with the up and down..sleeping in recliner helped both times definitely for first 2 weeks with bassinet beside me and all supplies to i could change diapers and feed as needed and not have to get up tons at night..i didnít BF very long (3weeks with first and 3 day with twins) as itís a PPD trigger for me...but for most part i just go at my own pace and did complications...

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I've had two scheduled c-sections. My recovery wasn't bad at all, but it is major abdominal surgery. With my first I lived on a 3rd floor apartment and did fine with the stairs (I'm now in a split level house so I'll be tackling stairs with this upcoming c-section!). I was off pain medicine pretty quickly with both, and my milk came in with no problems. I wanted a vbac with my second just to avoid the surgery and risks associated, but baby wouldn't cooperate (she was still transverse at 39 weeks with no dilating on my part!). I didn't have any help with my first, but had the baby in a bassinet right by my bed while my husband was at work. That made it easier to heal. My mother in law stayed with me after the second until I was cleared to drive, and she'll do the same this time around (because I have an older kid and a toddler now to look after!). I don't know what your condition is, but I do know I would rather have a scheduled c-section than an emergency one. Good luck with everything!

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I've had an induced birth which was absolutely horrific. I've never been through something more traumatic in my life. Pain relief wouldn't work, overcontracting, shoulder dystocia, back to back, major hemmoraging, episiotomy with no pain relief, you name it, it happened.

This time around I'm having an elective section. I have health concerns too and them alone justifies the section without even taking the previous trauma into account.

I was really worried about recovery for the c section but then I had an awful recovery before so it can't be much worse. From what I've been told, pretty much write the first week off movement wise and utilise all the help you can but things do get easier. Gentle movement and keeping on top of pain relief are supposed to help.

If your doctor is recommending the c section based on your medical history then I would defo take their opinion on board. I would prefer to have the planned section rather than attempt to labour and potentially end up being knocked out for an emergency one. The choice is obviously yours but I think I know what I would choose x

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Just going from my own personal experience with a c-section versus the women I am close to in real life who had vaginal births, it seems that my pain was much worse at the beginning compared to theirs, but once I started to recover, I did so very quickly and fully. I felt totally back to normal with thankfully no side issues at all, by the third week. Whereas they told me it took them over a year to feel back to their normal selves. And one of them is still having issues "down below" which I know is common after a vaginal birth.

Regarding stairs, when I was released on day 6, I could walk up the stairs to my apt without any problems.

I can't really answer your question about bf as I ff-ed by choice, but lots of women do bf after a section so I don't think that should necessarily cause an issue.

As others have said, the great thing about a planned section is that the op itself tends to be very calm (mine was), and you can prepare. My husband had scheduled his vacation to be around my due date. If you have a life partner, I'd definitely suggest you have them do that if possible. Or any close loved one. (when I was born via a section my grandma came to help my mom after my dad had to return to work). Put things where they will be at easy reach. Stock up on non-perishables. All that kind of stuff. Listen to your body. When you have to move slowly- move slowly! It is major surgery- respect that.

There's no way really to say though how yours will go if you do have one. Just as all vaginal births differ. But I'm a big believer in that saying about how you can't necessarily control external things, but you can control how you react to them. Don't stress over what you can't change. Just do the things you can do.

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I had an emergency c section 5 weeks ago and if I am being totally honest, the pain for me was agony. The morning after I had my csection I could barely move. Sitting up was agony-i had to be pulled or pushed up, walking was agony and using the toilet was awful- trying to get to the toilet before you wet yourself was hard! I was given morphine and it didnt even help with the pain. However, by the 2nd day I could get up myself and use the toilet without my husbands help. You dont realise how much you use your stomach muscles until they have been cut open!

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I had a c-s with my 2nd and to be completely honest it was a much better experience for me than having a natural birth. I was induced with my first at 41 weeks and it was horrible! So much pain.. She was back to back which resulted in a very long pushing stage and I ended up with a 4th degree tear. My 2nd was a scheduled c-s in part due to my previous tear, but mostly due to the fact that he was breech. The first 2 days (in the hospital) were pretty rough, but once I got home it was smooth sailing. I had to climb stairs once at home and I had no issues with it. Also, no issues whatsoever with breastfeeding. He actually did better with breastfeeding than my daughter.

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