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Originally Posted by nnaime View Post
Hey everyone, I waited a while to see if the contractions would get stronger and they ended up stopping after almost an hour and it turned into back pain/cramps. I was chugging water too. I decided not to go to hospital since the contractions stopped and the back pain tapered off as well and baby was still active. Definitely keeping an eye out for those troubling pains though, Dr apt tomorrow. Probably will have another ultrasound to monitor my fluid levels since they're high
I'm glad they tapered off. If you've got high levels of fluid it can cause quite a lot of niggles , I had polyhydramnios in my last pregnancy and I contracted all day every day toward the end . But they weren't ever sore , just moderately uncomfortable. Definitely mention it and if you get another bout of them , defiantly call L&D . Much better safe than sorry

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I'm glad the contractions ended and also glad you're seeing your doctor tomorrow. Good to keep an eye on these things.

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Glad they stopped for you and I hope that your appt goes well tomorrow.

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Apt went well, they told me I should stop driving and they switched me to weekly appointments since polyhydramnios may cause early contraction/cramps and early labor. Baby is very active though!

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I'm glad your appointment went well and they're keeping a close eye on you

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