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Can I request a C-section now i am 38 weeks?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and had a scan on Tuesday.
I have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea and have had a CPAP machine for just over a week. That is going well.
Doctor has a concern about whether baby has received enough oxygen due to my breathing issues and I have had 2 scans in past 3 weeks. Both have shown an elevated blood flow through the cord. I donít know what this means and info is scarce online (that I understand)
This afternoon I am seeing my Dr to find out the results.

My concern is....due to my breathing and possible cord blood flow issue (which may be linked to my oxygen deprivation???) would it be reasonable to think that a c-section would be the safest option for giving birth? If I am induced and have a long labour, there is a chance of more oxygen deprivation which has major consequences for my baby but c-section will really only pose a risk to me. I am overweight but Dr is not concerned as such and he is an anaesthetist as well os OB so I feel confident in him.

Should I just ask for a C-section?

Can anyone offer advice? I am very worried.

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I didn't want to read and run but I honestly have no idea. I would bring it up to the doctor and tell him/her what your fears are and ask if they would support you in an elective c-section. If its something you feel very strongly about make sure you tell them. My doctor is ok with elective c-section and induction at 39 weeks so it cant hurt to ask. I plan to do an induction due to DS#1 being large and early and this baby measuring big also.

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As Cews said, it's hard because we don't know your medical history. But that said it sounds like a good option for you so I would definitely bring it up if you want one.
Having said that make sure you have lots of help in place, c section is by no means the easier option and you will need lots of help afterwards for a few weeks, the main reason I'm trying to desperately avoid one this time around! But speak to your doc about pros and cons and then you can have a good think on your options xx

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Only your doctor can answer that really but it’s definitely worth bringing it up and asking the question. They can talk you through it then and hopefully give you some reassurance and answers. Good luck.

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You can definitely ask for one if you feel it would be best. Good luck!

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