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[QUOTE=laila 44;38775679]Wow so sorry you are in this much pain. I really wouldn’t want to go into a csection on blood thinners. Usually they make you stop taking them up to a week before surgery as there is a real risk you can start hemhorraging during the section. I had spd and I know it sucks but honestly take pain meds and try to move at least a bit ever hour and you should be ok. Blood clots develop when a person is really truly immobile as in doesn’t get off the bed. I would avoid blood thinners at all costs.[/QUOTE

Thanks. It's gotten a little better, literally didn't move off the couch for 3 days except to go to the bathroom around Christmas but have been able to get around a little better since then luckily. I totally agree with you, thats why I was so worried about it, the midwives kept saying I had to move more than I rested (although the physio said do nothing but rest), just depends on why their saying it I guess. It just wasnt possible though and they keep bringing up blood thinners at my appointments (different midwives each time). Really don't want to go down that road though, only 13 days to go!

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