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Prodromal labour or slow early labour? 36wks today

Hi everyone.i'm not really sure what to do or what to think.
I had prodromal labour with my 2nd on and off for about 2wks before I finally had her at 40+1wks.
I'm now 36wks with baby #3 and have been having what I'll call tightenings for about the last 3 days on and off. Today it's been almost constant butthey vary in strength, timings etc. Sometimes they are timeable about 5-7mins apart and other times they slow down. They come on no matter what I'm doing, if I change activity then they usually but not always slow down temporarily and then pick back up again. Some of them are mildly uncomfortable and some of them are definitely painful. Some of them give me backache or a period cramp feeling at the same time. Some of them give me insane pressure down below. I've also been getting stabbing pains in my cervix and had a couple of random bump pains today that have taken my breath away andmade me hunch over, don't knkw if those are related or just one of those things. I had paracetamol and some tea and toast just over an hour ago and a little nap but have woken up and am still getting these tightenings.
Logically there is no reason to suspect I should have this baby early, my first was a week overdue and 2nd was just over 40wks. We live an hour away from the hospital and would have to arrange last minute care for the older 2 so I've put off calling the midwife in case they say to go in and it really is nothing. Does anyone have any words of advice? Experience? Anything?!

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Have you had any other signs of labour ie discharge/plug coming away or anything similar? Not sure how close to 37 weeks you are but I daresay if it was you going into labour they would likely just let it happen as you are nearly at term.
I went in recently with semi regular tightenings and was monitored for a while but not much came of it, they could see the contractions but it wasn't affecting my cervix so try told me to slow down and rest and take it easy a bit more. They sounded like yours, bad braxtons/period pain and backache but they said it's just my body getting ready and since I have been resting more it hasn't turned in to anything else.
I daresay it's just your body preparing but if you are concerned then call up, like I said you are pretty close to term now so is likely your body preparing xx

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I'd give triage a call. They likely will want you to come in, but may not keep you in. Best to get it checked.

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