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Random, and sorry for the TMI, but did anyone have a bad stomach during late pregnancy? I donít know if itís a sign of anything, but I keep getting really intense cramping and canít stop going to the loo! 🙈😳😂 I havenít got the runs or anything, but something is definitely off.. X

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I was induced with my first and still cooking my second so no personal experience, however, I've heard your bowels do clear out before labor. Hopefully it's just a virus or something as it looks like you still have quite a few weeks left!

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You do often have clear out right before labour but as you are still early on I wouldn't necessarily say it's that. My stomach has been definitely more sensitive this last week or so and has been upset easily from things that I would usually eat or drink... not sure if it's a pregnancy thing or just me! X

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My stomach/bowels are all over the place. Pretty much all through this pregnancy! So if I personally got the runs I probably wouldn't get too hopeful from it

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I have noticed some things making me feel queasy lately. I figured it was just a matter of having less room inside and probably eating more than I should.

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