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Originally Posted by JessyG View Post
I started about 35 weeks but now at almost 38 weeks i still havent finished! Plan is to finish it today but some of the clothes i want to take need ironed or washed.
Same, I'm 39 weeks and haven't quite put in every single little thing - have got a note on my phone explaining the exact things that need to be added but to be honest if they weren't added they wouldn't be TOO important (gym ball, my makeup bag, etc) but ideally I'd like to just have everything I want from the outset. Doing it at 35 weeks felt like leaving it late, but now that it's been sat there for 4 weeks I realise it wasn't haha

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I started packing at 36 weeks this time around. Still got a few little things to pack, but they'll take minutes to grab on the way out the door if I need to.

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Originally Posted by Kirstiedenman View Post
Originally Posted by WackyMumof2 View Post
All packed today with the exception of a jellybean stash, water wipes instead of toilet paper for after giving birth and a chapstick. Picking those up tonite. But everything is in the car reading and waiting. Bitter sweet at the moment. Just found out that a much loved family member is in the final stages of renal failure and that she doesn't want to be on dialysis while waiting for a kidney

Sorry to hear that hun.
Thank you. It's hard to accept especially knowing that she's got anywhere between 1-7 weeks left. I've found the name of the top specialist in the country so I am HOPING he can give her some positive news for her to re-consider. I'm praying that she will take dialysis while waiting for a kidney. If she can get 7-10 year or more then surely the short term dialysis should weigh up with more positives for her. Hopefully hubby will come home with some good news tonite.

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I started packing my bag at 35 weeks and finished at around 37 weeks, some bits were needing washed etc or still had to buy. Currently 38+1 and planned section is in 7 days! Still need to add some more pj's but that'll probably be a night before thing as I've only so many that still fits me

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Sorry to hear your sad news, Wackymum.

My bag got packed this Saturday just gone, so tail end of 36 weeks. I'm still missing the odd bits like dressing gown, toiletries and phone chargers, but that's all stuff were using currently so that will go in last, probably night before my csection date when I get it.

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I am 35 weeks and still havenít packed mine. Iíve got most of the stuff ready so may do it this week. I have a list though.

Iíve been having lots of BH, baby is engaged & I feel like he will come early but he probably wonít so I donít see the need to rush plus if I go into labour I can just pack it then

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I would get things sorted soon if that's the case, though it's probably easy by now to know what you need and you could throw it together pretty quickly. I had my first at 37 weeks (I had a home birth, so didn't actually go anywhere, but I had a hospital bag packed just in case I needed to transfer in to hospital). I'm 35 weeks now and I haven't packed anything, but I'm feeling a bit nervous that I don't have more ready to go. Had some painful cramps last night about 4am for over an hour and was frantically googling 'what to pack in hospital bag.' We only just bought some nappies last week, so I'm being really laidback about this, which maybe isn't a good thing.

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I'm only 32 weeks, I'm planning to make a start on it, like start buying pads and things to pack it. I probably won't actually pack it for another few weeks though

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Not even washed the baby clothes and Iím 37+ weeks

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I'm half packed! Keep remembering things I need to buy so can't pack yet but most of the essentials are almost done, am so behind on cleaning my baby clothes/ blankets/bedding am going to try and do a couple of washes tomm!

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