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Terrible pelvic pain and now it's gone?!

Hi Ladies!

So I was having terrible pelvic pressure and pain for what seems like forever...since second trimester anyway can't recall when it started. Anyway it was terrible. It hurt to move even just sitting there. I could NOT move my leg if I was lying down it hurt way too much.

And now I'm 33 weeks and it's almost completely gone?!?! What does this mean? Did baby move position? Is this bad?

Had anyone else had this happen??

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Mum (Mom)
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Baby might have changed positions which can help. Glad your not feeling pain right now. Have you changed anything? Hopefully you will remain mostly pain free the rest of the pregnancy.

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I've had that on and off since about 32 weeks. It's baby in the pelvis by the sounds of things. When he's really low in there it hurts to walk, sit, stand, lie you name it. But when he pops back up, it's a lot better because the pressure is gone.

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