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Acid Reflux rant...

My acid reflux was so bad last night that I woke out of a dead sleep at about 230am with my throat burning and gulping water like a mad woman. That of course only made it 100x worse and sent me running to the toilet where I proceeded to dry heave for about 30 minutes with little to nothing coming up. I of course then slept like crap because I needed to keep my head elevated. It helped but but I have zero idea what caused that last night. I took my Pepcid max strength and ate tums like normal and usually that will keep any heartburn to the bare minimum.

No real advice needed. I know that once baby drops some it will get a little better but dang that was awful!

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Urghh it's the worst... I could have written this myself! 2 nights ago I had the exact same thing... woke up middle of the night throat burning and feeling stomach contents coming up! Was awful and couldn't get rid of it for a couple of hours. I didn't do anything different either! And baby has dropped already... I'm not sure what set mine off! Took 3 gaviscon before bed last night and it was fine, not sure if it was just a one off but was bloody horrible! Hoping it's not coming back for you too

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Happens to me often, usually around midnight I wake up with acid bubbling up my throat and I have to rush to the loo to cough it up and usually end up vomiting too. I've found it tends to happen if I eat anything chocolately in the evening - I ate a chocolate mousse this evening so I expect it'll happen tonight. Why do I never learn??!

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