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I can't say I am fed up with the pregnancy: this is my 4th, and likely my last, and I don't want to wish it away for the world. I am, however, super fed up with myself: my inability to just chill out and enjoy it. Today, I cried out of frustration because I was so tired that my 3 year old just cuddled on the couch and watched movies. I felt like I should be taking her out: engaging her, doing something with her. The zoo, the art gallery, Science Centre, ANYTHING. But I am just so freakin' wiped out, and on top of being pregnant, I have a cold and she is at that snotty end-stage of a flu. And even though today is a 'snow day' due to frozen rain here, the schools are open and we are in walking distance and my older two wanted to go because they just get to have fun on these days. And I somehow feel guilty about that too...though given the way I feel, what would they have done at home? Still, I feel like the worst mom in the world now, even though I tell myself that there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a cuddling day watching movies and colouring with my preschooler, and it is amazing that my kids want to go to school.

Still, everything is my fault, because I'm a lazy slag and a horrible mom. THIS feeling is what I am sick of. I just want to enjoy this, guilt free, but that doesn't seem to be part of my genetic makeup.

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I 'shouldn't' be fed up. I have had pretty much the easiest pregnancy imaginable, but I am still ready for this baby to come. I have 6 weeks left and am just hoping that baby isn't late. I think my emotions have been getting the best of me lately (mood swings?). Either way, feeling eager to move on from pregnancy to having a baby.

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Oh i feel you all! Im two days overdue and just want this baby out now. Im nowhere near as bad as some of you. Suffered bad SPD pain since 25 weeks and other things have luckily been on and off. This week it's bad pins and needles in my hands at night and now I have trigger finger which is very frustrating...something else caused my pregnancy due to a trapped tendon!

Like I say I could be worse. We have waited for this baby for 8 years but I'm praying to avoid induction next weekend and to meet this baby nowwww!

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I know this thread is a couple days old but you truly are super woman for walking 4 miles a day as heavily pregnant as you are! Honestly I was all but bedridden the last few months in my past pregnancies because of SPD and the heaviness of carrying all that weight around. So I feel for you, I truly do xx

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