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34+5 weeks- new feelings

Not sure this is the best place to put this but thought I would share in case anyone else is starting to feel this way!

As an FYI, this is my first pregnancy and my husband and I have 2 "fur" kids. and by kids I mean they are definitely treated like our own children.
Last night I had this urge to go sit in baby girl's room.. in the middle of the floor.. and just think. I went through the hospital bag and diaper bag, just looking at things and letting myself be calm about what our near future will hold. As I was sitting, my one dog came in and sat directly in front of me just looking up at me with this stare- almost like he "knew" and wanted to tell me something but obviously couldn't. It was the weirdest feeling and I started to tear up as I was petting him because it all just hit me at once that my life was about to drastically change and I have no idea what to expect. It will change my relationship with my husband, my dogs, and will more than likely change who I am as well.. and I just hope that it all is a good thing and that I can handle it.

Idk.. just some random thoughts swirling around right now!

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All totally normal! Everyone has these feelings and it's scary, especially the first time. And you're right everything will change. Your relationship, your friends, your whole entire life! But honestly it's so amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world. It's hard to keep friends that don't have children, many of mine have fallen by the wayside as it's hard for them to understand why your life changes so much, but true friends pull through and now some of the single ones are having kids of their own and it's brought us closer again. It's put a huge huge strain on our relationship, sometimes we wobbled but we are about to do it all over again so there will be a whole new set of challenges! In the beginning I felt like I was drowning in all the responsibility and change and not having time to myself but you muddle through and find a way and before you know it you are on top of things! But take care of your relationship, make sure you find time for each other (it's so hard in the beginning but after 6 months or so it gets easier) and seek all the support you can. I thoroughly recommend NCT classes or whatever alternatives, I've found a lifelong group of friends I still have 5 years on and we have been through thick and thin together. We all relied on each other so much. And as for the dogs... they will love it! Try playing newborn baby crying noises from YouTube to them as it's good to get them used to the noise. It totally freaked my cat out initially as she had never heard it before!! But they will be fine... As long as they don't mind their ears getting pulled ;-)

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