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What really vivid dreams have you had this pregnancy???

I always have crazy and wacky dreams when I am pregnant mostly not about pregnancy or the baby at all but this pregnancy I have.
Before we planned our homebirth almost every night I would have the same 2 dr and one I went into labor hubby the 3 kids and I just in the car rush to the hospital and I have the baby in the car in the parking lot and the other he gets me to emergency and by the time he has parked the car and brought the kids up I had already had the baby. Since planning the homebirth these have obviously stopped as that was a fear of mine and nothing is but then tonight I had a dream that felt so real I had woken up in the morning and gone to the toilet and a massive fish just flooded in the toilet it was so strange I couldn’t tell if it was coming from my bum or my lady bits (in the dream hubby had thought it came from my bum and was extremely grossed out lol) anyway I stayed sitting on the toilet and he came in to see if I was alright and bam another massive gush and then I woke up just after we realised it was my waters at only 30 weeks. I seriously expected to wake in a puddle of my waters it felt ssssooooo real!!!

What have dreams have you had? Are they based on pregnancy paranoia you might have or just random nonsense might be fun to hear how warped lol our heads are during this time of a hormonal roller coaster

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