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It's certainly a relief that no one has commented saying they tore worse the next time! I'm honestly just worried about 1) feeling it during childbirth if I haven't had an epidural and 2) it effecting my future continence. Eek! I think I just need to stop thinking about it so much, I obviously can't know what will happen until I get there!

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I hope your able to release that fear hun and enjoy the rest f your pregnancy and labor and I hope your medical team are supportive of what ever decision you make. Have faith in yourself and trust your body research birthing positions that minimise the risk ignorance tearing. Reasearch breaking baby out rather than pushing on your back all these things will help.
I am also hoping to not tear this time as this will be the fourth time my first needed stitching my second came so fast literally one push/breathing him out and head was out then his body just shot out like a rocket so no time for stretching and my third no stitches but still tore because he wouldn’t turn and he came out at the widest part of his shoulders at the narrowest part of my hoohah. I will be reasearching how to minimise this time as well. It would be so nice to not have a fear of the toilet for the week or so after birth!

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Zephram could you book a section (40 weeks maybe?) and then if you donít want to go through with it then just cancel? Thatís what they advised me to do initially when I was hoping for a VBaC (not going to end up happening now) but they advised me to book one at 39/40 weeks and if I didnít want it then just cancel, that way you have both options and you can decide nearer the time x

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Its a personal decision and only one you can make x I've had 2 extensive second degree tears, didn't feel either of them, my son (2nd time) was worse but I think that was due to his and my positions (he came out facing sky and I was on a squatty stool thing). A senior midwife had to sort me out and declared it was one of the most difficult she'd done That said, I healed sooo much faster, had minimal discomfort and have had no issues since even through this pregnancy. I am nervous about tearing again, but only in case there's permanent damage, but I'm doing as much as I can myself (perineal massage, breathing exercises) and have requested hands on help when crowning and hope to be on my side/all fours. That said I think I'm just unlucky and have dry/non stretchy skin! I have a few friends who had 3rd degree tears who got away with just grazes second time x

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