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39+5 no signs of labor

I feel like I'm going to be pg forever. Last apt on Thursday I was barely 1cm dialated and hardly effaced. Not experiencing any ctx as far as I know (ftm). I've been trying nipple stim and raspberry tea and using my yoga ball and nothing is changing, nothing feels different. I really don't want to go over 40 w and I really don't want to be induced or God forbid have an emergency C-section . Stressing out here

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Baby is going to come when ready! I wouldn't stress it too much.

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3pm-2am (when I feel asleep) I was having early labour. Figured a bit of sleep and I'd wake up in full labour around 6am. Awake at 8am when DS3 decided to wake up and nothing. It all stopped. So pissed off. I feel ya!

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Your cervix could be 1cm and within hrs of you walking out your appointment you could be two we just never know. I find ve’s before labor pointless for this reason as it gives women a reason to doubt themselves before anything has even started. I had no signs beside losing my mucus plug 2 days before and then my waters break but otherwise I would have had no idea it was about to happen.
There is margin for error in your dates and the drs dates so due date is essentially a guess date don’t think of it as going over due think of it as bubs still needs that time in utero. Listen to some calming music have a nice candlelit bath and try to relax hun.

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I wouldn't worry about dilation, with my second my cervix was high, to the back and tight shut and six hours later I had my baby. With my first my waters went in the early hours of my due date with no warning at all. It won't be too long now, try spend this time relaxing.

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Raspberry tea left isn't for inducing labour, its to help prep your body for labour and is believed to strength the muscles for shorter second stage of labour (pushing). It was 4 days over with my son, 10 with my daughter, it's hard! But plan things for each day if you can, visit people of have them visit you. Try prepare yourself mentally that your in it for another 2 weeks and anything less will be a bonus! Xx

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Do you feel your belly going hard at all? Those are contractions (had CTG monitoring last week and it showed I was having contractions I couldn't feel but I touched my belly and felt that it was tight and hard)

First babies are more likely to be overdue so it is best to think of it being at least another week (have you been told how late they will let you go before setting an induction date? I've been told 41 weeks but sometimes they wait longer)

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Unfortunately babies stick to their own schedule and there isn't too much you can do about it. Every day that baby spend inside you is better than on the outside at the moment so try and relax, take some nice baths and go for gentle walks and get as much sleep as you can... it will soon be a distant memory!! X

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With my second baby I had a sweep at 40+3 and was told my cervix had a lot of work to do. She was adamant the sweep wouldn't work and booked me in for a second sweep. That night I went into labour and by the time I got to the hospital I was 6cm. Things can change so quickly xx

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