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Asking for induction after 40w

Hello all,
I'm 40w and have my Dr apt in the morning and I was going to ask for an induction at 41 weeks if nothing happened by then. I have zero signs of labor and I have polyhydramnios. My fluid levels went down to borderline normal around 36w so they decided not to take action, but my levels have since gone up again so maybe this will be enough to go forth with induction if my Dr is reluctant otherwise. I really don't want to go more than 41w. My mother went 3weeks overdue with me(1St) @nd ended with emergency C-section, and with all my siblings had to be induced as well,

Do you think it's a long shot to ask or not worth it?

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Donít know where in the world you are but in UK they will likely give you a sweep at your 40 week appointment which can be enough to kick it off if your body is nearly ready. They may try a few sweeps to get Things going before they move on to other methods, but itís down to your Midwife/doctor. As much walking/ball bouncing as you can do and keep as active as you can, baby could decide to come at any point! X

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