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Asking for your experiences, just curious

Hi all! So I am currently pregnant with #3 and dilated to 4, have off and on painful contractions and fairly content Braxton-Hicks, had some pretty bad nausea the past two days,a couple of hot flashes, and been pooping all day today. My question is for the ladies who have had their third babies, how long did you stay dilated to 4 with later pregnancies? I would think it wouldn’t be long the more babies you have had since your body already knows what is going on and things tend to move faster each pregnancy. I know it could be tonight or another week, but just wanted to hear y’alls experiences. TIA!!!

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I was already dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced before labor started with my second. IT can really be any day now or yeah like you said a week. Take it as a huge positive your body has already done so much of the work before the big day. I was 3cm with my 3rd at 37 weeks but was induced at 38 weeks due to complications so can’t comment on that one, good luck x

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Usually once I made it to to 4 cm labor came on pretty quickly, within a week or two.The good news is that the more you dilate before you're in established labor, the quicker it'll go. I labored this way with every baby so that by the time I got to the hospital I was always between 7-8 cm dilated and nearly ready to push. Good luck!

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