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BP has been high....

36 weeks with #3 and if you've read some of my other posts you'll know I'm really nervous with this one for some reason lol.
Anyway, I ended up going to the hospital and being checked during the evening one night last week because I was having pulsing back pain. They said everything was okay but my BP was high... 137 / 91. So they sent my urine for testing.
Fast forward to today I had my OB appointment this morning and it was high again 134 over something he didn't tell me the other number.
And I went to my family doc this afternoon to test for strep throat since I've had this nasty cold for a week and a half and my bp was 138 over 87. He seemed concerned but "didn't want to step on my other docs toes". He said if I get a headache or my hands swell more I should go to emerge.

Like wth?! Now I'm going to worry about this...Should I be pushing my OB about this?

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I'd definitely be calling into the OB department and running it by them!

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I just had my baby due to high bp. Basically as long as there is no protein they weren't too concerned with anything under 160/100. However, I was put on bp meds for numbers in the 140s/90s to help prevent it getting worse.

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I'm only 27 weeks but since 25 weeks I've had high BP. At an antenatal appointment it was 157/97 and they sent me for a bp profile where a machine takes your BP a few times over the course of an hour. It came down to about 140/80 and they were happier but I've to go every week to get it checked. I do a urine sample each time and as long as no protein they're happy. I've been told to take 75mg of aspirin each day and My BP has been about 130/80 since.

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