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I actually asked my midwife this question! She said it makes no difference to their ability to stitch you up properly, so if you want to wax then go ahead, but it definitely isn't going to effect the quality of stitching if you leave yourself au natural.

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I absolutely would not wax! Unless youíve been regularly waxing throughout pregnancy you may not know this but increased blood flow to the area can make it more sensitive and hurt more! This happens as early as first tri - with my first I got a Brazilian when I was quite early on and omg the pain! I vowed never again to wax whilst pregnant. Then again, maybe this doesnít happen to everyone, haha, donít know until you try.

Iíve just kept it neat and trimmed for labour. My first was an emcs so a midwife came along and shaved along the top so they could operate, but it was no big deal. My second I had a third degree tear and episiotomy and I did not find my pubes got in the way or anything or that they got stuck or gross. So this time around Iím just leaving them again - had a quick trim today but thatís the extent of the grooming I will do!

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I've never waxed before a birth. I didn't worry about having a full bush when I delivered in the early spring months with my first two because I figured the staff have seen it all. Also in case I tore - which I did with my first - I didn't want it to be itching up a storm when the hair started growing back. Babies #3 and #4 were summer babies so I did have a bikini cut with them.

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