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Mucous plug twice?

I'm 38 weeks now...last Tuesday I was 1cm soft cervix and had a sweep done. Thursday morning I lost what I thought was my mucous plug ... was kinda yellow/brown egg white stuff when I wiped. Happened twice and then not again until today. Today it has been clear egg white consistency for most of the day, but now it is that yellow/brown and like chunky? (Tmi I know). I assume this is normal right? I don't have to go in unless there's blood or contractions start?

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Mum (Mom)
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Yeah your mucus plug regenerates so some people lose it slowly over a period of time rather than all at once. Mine does that too in the final weeks. That's how I know labor is getting closer. The blood usually doesn't show until I'm already in established labor, in which case you should definitely head to the hospital.

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I lost mine slowly from 35 weeks with both of mine. Keep an eye on things but it is normal, yes.

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I have been losing mine now for weeks and I am only 32 weeks but I am one of the unlucky that lose it early and it just constantly regenerates. I must always be 1cm or something and that’s why it dislodges so early for me.

Same as pp I only got the real bloody show when labor was imminent so I would be prepared for it to go on for a bit I hate it lol it’s so gross.

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